Hello, I'm Svetlin Tanyi.

I'm a full-stack web developer.

About me

I love developing high performing applications
Optimized layouts for desktop, tablet and mobile
Great user experience via easy to use natural UI
I work as a Systems Engineer for AITIA in Budapest, Hungary. I create JavaScript based applications and websites. My research interests reside in the field of Industrial IoT, Service Oriented Architectures and Management Solutions. In the last three years I am actively involved in European projects (Productive4.0, Arrowhead Tools) either as Work Package leader or Task Leader and I am a member of the Management Committee. I also oversee the development of the Eclipse Arrowhead Framework.
I am using and developing in the following technologies:
  • AndroidSince 2012
  • PhotoshopSince 2016
  • DockerSince 2016
  • JavaScriptSince 2017
  • NodeJSSince 2017
  • HTMLSince 2018
  • CSSSince 2018
  • ReactSince 2018
  • GatsbyJSSince 2019
  • JenkinsSince 2019
  • DartSince 2020
  • FlutterSince 2020